Ocean tanker brokers


Maritime SalesInc. Truckable Crane Barge in Florida.

ocean tanker brokers

New Listing, Long-liner at reasonable price available in Libya. Well Priced Landing Craft. We have over 40 years of experience in the Marine Industry.

Ocean Tankers – Fleet

We can assist you in with Surveying, Inspections, Appraising or Negotiating a good purchase or sales price. Depending on your needs, we can even attend the vessel with you to help with the purchase or sale and the preparation of the vessel for sea.

Should you need assistance in arranging documentation or any assistance to complete the formalities of the purchase or sale of a vessel, let us know, we can help. Please make your selection from the menu on the left.

ocean tanker brokers

You are in the Wonderful World of Maritimesales. Should you have problems sending mail to this e-mail address through your browser, your browser is not set up to perform that function. Please contact us through the "Comments" page. Phone: A.

ocean tanker brokers

Free Hit Counter. Click below to Continue. Return to Home Page. Miscellaneous Equipment NEW. Let us Find a Vessel for You. Vessels We Are Looking For.

We have always asked for people sending inquiries about vessels that we offer for sale to provide full details about themselves. We must now tightening up on our requirement that potential Buyers provide full details about themselves when they contact us in order to receive a response.

We apologize, however, our ability to respond is being stretched to the limits by frivolous messages from people who neither have the ability or experience to purchase a vessel. Your information will remain confidential. We do not create mailing lists. We will not involve ourselves in vessels destined to Nigeria, so please do not even try, unfortunately we have had too many problems and it has caused problems with our owners, sorry.

Brokers should also include their full Brokerage information in order to receive a response.Ocean Shipbrokers combines a youthful staff profile with a wealth of experience and professionalism. The company was formed in June as an independent shipbroker and has grown substantially to become a leading exponent of the Global Shipbroking industry. The company structure along with a team orientated culture throughout Ocean Shipbrokers ensures that we are able to deliver a high level of service to all our clients.

Consisting of a core of highly experienced brokers Ocean maintains close relationships with the major oil companies, traders and shipowners, and is always striving to develop new alliances. Every account has more than one broker covering it regardless of size, so clients always receive a complete service even if the main point of contact is absent.

Both dedicated and professional, our team of brokers specialise in all aspects of ship sale and purchase including: Dry Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Container Vessels, Gas Carriers, Reefers, Tugs and Barges. Ship sale and purchase brokers are generally known as intermediaries between Shipowners however at Ocean Shipbrokers we pride ourselves on our level of market knowledge to offer our clients an excellent service combined with up to the minute information.

Clients include substantial government owned corporations, Stock Listed companies and Private individuals and should you require any further information about how Ocean Shipbrokers could represent your company then please contact one of our specialist brokers. Working along side traditional shipbuilding nations and the ever important economically developing countries, Ocean Shipbrokers is pleased to be able to offer our clients a first class new building service from contract negotiation and keel laying to vessels delivery.

A Bilingual team helps remove barriers in communication throughout vast areas of the world which combined with contractual knowledge enables vessel negotiations via Ocean Shipbrokers to proceed smoothly.

With a direct and successful relationship with all major demolition cash buyers, Ocean Shipbrokers is able to offer our clients a service to recycle their vessels in all major recycling geographic locations including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Turkey and China.

With direct access to detailed market information, our research team produces monthly reports to cover all areas of the Shipping Industry. We can produce statistical and financial modeling for clients in the form of investment analyses and chartering strategy plans.

The company also has experience in developing time charter projects. For ultra competitive prices from the market leaders you need look no further. Username Password Lost your password?The global crude oil and refined product tanker fleet uses a classification system to standardize contract terms, establish shipping costs, and determine the ability of ships to travel into ports or through certain straits and channels. AFRA uses a scale that classifies tanker vessels according to deadweight tons, a measure of a ship's capacity to carry cargo.

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East Coast. Their smaller size allows them to access most ports across the globe.

Our Principle Goal Is Simple

A GP tanker can carry between 70, barrels andbarrels of motor gasoline 3. Long Range LR class ships are the most common in the global tanker fleet, as they are used to carry both refined products and crude oil. These ships can access most large ports that ship crude oil and petroleum products.

An LR1 tanker can carry betweenbarrels andbarrels of gasoline This ship size is popular with oil companies for logistical purposes, and, therefore, many ships have been built within these specifications. Over the history of AFRA, vessels grew in size and newer classifications were added. VLCCs are responsible for most crude oil shipments around the globe, including in the North Sea, home of the crude oil price benchmark Brent.

A VLCC can carry between 1.

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There are a small number of ULCC vessels currently in use, as their size requires special facilities limiting the number of places where these vessels can load and offload. These massive vessels can carry around 2 million barrels to 3. The only U. Add us to your site.

Today in Energy. Mason Hamilton, U. Energy Information Administration. Source: U. Email Share Print. Send your feedback to todayinenergy eia.The supply boat is the backbone of offshore oilfield work, so you want yours to be reliable! Ocean Marine Brokerage Services has the varied selection of supply boats that you need! Cruising Range of Nautical Miles. Fresh water maker capacity of 1, gallons per day. Accomodations for 22 persons.

Fire Fighting Equipment 18 x Towing winch, tuggers. ABS classed. Stern roller. Offers welc Used ft Steel Longliner For Sale. Freezer hold. Full nav aids. New man Accommodation Barge For Sale.

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In process of construction. Used hp ocean going Model Bow Tug. Twin Engines. Used ft Deck Barge For Sale. The vessel currently holds all certifications required to operate in the waterways, and has been well protected in a se Steel Floor. INSB classed. Fulk navaids. Rudder propell Full unrestricted nav certs. Full electronics. Lloyds register classed.Based in the heart of worldwide shipping, we have a wide network of ships that can facilitate even the most demanding enquiries.

We offer a wide range of services related to tanker vessels and oil transportation. Chartering Our area of specialty is to provide transportation solutions for liquid cargoes such as Clean Petroleum Products, Edible Oils and easy chemicals.

Over the years we have developed strong relationships with charterers, traders, owners and operators that enable us to secure tonnage and cargoes for our clients worldwide for spot voyages, consecutive voyages and time charters.

Commercial Management Commercial management of individual tankers, charter party negotiations, voyage estimations, port agency and canal cost handling, bunkering, market analysis, diversification to alternative trading routes for minimizing waiting time and increase profits. Our tailor-made service for specific customers. Our experienced stuff can expand our service for demurrage calculations and claims settlement.

Oceanus Tankers Ltd. Read more. Contact Us. Our area of specialty is to provide transportation solutions for liquid cargoes such as Clean Petroleum Products, Edible Oils and easy chemicals.OceanBz was established in Dubai in concentrating mainly in transportation of dirty, clean petroleum products.

We deliver unsurpassed services in the chartering of tankers for the transportation 'clean' and 'dirty' petroleum products. We facilitate tanker fixtures between oil traders, petroleum companies, refiners and the ship owners and operators.

We negotiate freight and charter party terms for cargoes to be transported between ports, producers, refiners and end users. Tanker sizes we deal with ranges from 3, dwt ships carrying refined petroleum products including naphtha, jet fuel, gasoline, gasoil, fuel oil and LPG to petroleum product and crude tankers of uptodwt. We have a team of brokers with vast experience and knowledge, who on a daily basis handles all aspects of spot chartering and longer-period time charters as well as contracts of affreightment COAs.

Since establishment Our team has concluded over fixtures. Charterers Broker: Our team of brokers cover the East of Suez market and continuously provides clients with freight information on the transportation of clean and dirty petroleum products. We negotiate to secure suitable tonnage at most competitive freights with favorable fixture terms for the cargo interests. We are happy that our clients keep coming back repeatedly to fix their cargos with us. Improving Owners' Earnings : We work closely and directly with most of leading ship owners and large operators across the world in the clean, dirty, crude, chemical and gas tonnages.

We strive to achieve highest daily earnings for vessels by reducing unemployment time and ballast costs between voyages.

ocean tanker brokers

By keeping a close monitoring over charterers requirements in the regions we focus, we are able to find employment for tonnages of various sizes.

Competitiveness: We are an independent, competitive brokerage house, and the only international tanker brokerage houses that have origination in the Middle East. We specialize to serve the chartering needs of the petroleum product traders located in the Persian Gulf, Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, Africa and Indian Ocean while having direct access to major tanker operators and tonnage world-wide. We have an in-depth knowledge of the freight markets, tonnages, tanker operators in the Arabian Gulf.

Market Research: Equipped with knowledge of macro-economic view of fossil energy demand trends and trade flows, we are able to forecast supply-demand on tanker tonnages and advice charterers in developing their marine transportation strategies and to decide between time charter or spot voyages.

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With up-to-date market information of the fixtures and freights in various tanker segments and the availability of ships, our brokers assist Charterers and Owners to take time-critical decisions. With our in-depth knowledge of ports, terminal restrictions and oil major SIRE requirements, we are able to identify suitable tonnages and conclude fixure in a swift manner.

Operational Support: We are supported by a team of experienced operations professionals who provides our clients with a comprehensive service based on wide experience and knowledge. Our experienced operations team posses knowledge of regional and country specific regulatory requirements and is well trained to deal with a variety of operational issues. Operations get involved from the moment a deal is concluded and often continues far beyond the point at which the vessel is discharged, assisting in the settlement of demurrage and voyage related claims.

Voyage, Time and Bare Boat Charters: On a day to day basis our brokers fix spot voyage fixtures being at the fore-front and pulse of freight market. For Owners, we market ship's open positions and space to our close traders and find cargos even on back-haul voyages. For fulfillment of long term transportation committment we assist charterers in fixing vessels on Time Charter. Conversely, for Owners, we market their tonnage to find time charter employment.

For operators and owners who have specific requirements, we conclude COA, bare boat charters, bare boat hire purchase, etc.At Ocean Marine Brokerage Services, we have a full stock of used commercial vessels for whatever your needs may be.

Our offices are located along the United States Gulf Coast with agents throughout the United States representing all coasts who can actively research your used commercial vessel requests and needs. Our staff consists primarily of licensed U.

Coast Guard captains and agents who have been active in all phases of the commercial vessel industry ranging from fishing vessels and oilfield work to passenger vessels and cargo ships and are extremely knowledgeable with the needs of the boat brokerage industry.

SinceOcean Marine Brokerage Services has been committed to providing you with the best services both nationally and internationally. Wherever you are, we can help.

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At Ocean Marine Brokerage Services, we have the professional knowledge and experience to meet all of your commercial vessel needs. Contact us today!

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Our clientele is generated from a worldwide array of industry specific advertising and promotional activities, personal and business contacts and client referrals. Our primary activity centers around the brokerage of all types of used commercial vessels including oilfield, fishing and passenger industry.

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Our listing files are computerized and quite extensive. Our site is fully functional and has all of the features to meet your commercial vessel requirements. You will also be getting worldwide exposure at no cost to you!!

Ocean Marine offers fishing vessels of all types - ranging from Shrimpers, Draggers to Long liners. The following vessels on this web site are just a sample of what we have to offer. Please call for others. Search Inventory Advanced Search. Dynamic Positioning No Yes. Popular Categories for Vessels. View Category. Supply Boats. Crew Boats. Fishing Boats. Our Principle Goal Is Simple. We offer more possibilities to meet your every need. View Catalog. We Know Your Industry.

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